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Sharing your product with the people online is a very good thing, but to also provide the ability of purchasing it, will increase your income and enhance your life style.
Here in Yearex Deal, we care about having a simple but very professinal market for people to start trading with their own products.
It’s a joyful experience where you can find what you like and also sell what you make.

Yearex Deal also provide the most economic method of delivery in the country through it’s own service Yearex Delivery. So you don’t only feel happy shopping with us, but you also never care of the delivery process, we will take care of it.

Hassan Alkahily

What is Yearex Deal?

Yearex Deal is one of Yearex Group companies. Established as a result of continuous demand to provide people who are professional in different skills with a common online market to share and trade their products.
Yearex Deal is an online market place where everyone can register and start selling their products online. At the same time people can start shopping from the website and enjoy the verity of products and offers.

Happy shopping everyone!

No matter what you do, as long as you do it with love and passion, people will love it and would like to try it and maybe buy it from you.
Don’t hesitate and doubt yourself. We are here you show your product to the people and enable them to even buy it if they like.
All you have to do is :” Do what you love and love what you do”

Enjoy life

Souha Zidi
Project Manager

Yearex Deal
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